Paying off debt — our villains

Posted by Ginkgo100 | 12:31 PM

In our household, there is a lot of debt. This makes us normal.

I don't want to be normal, at least not in this way. So I have done an eccentric thing: I named all our debts after villains. Shoestringing the budget to get out of debt is not especially fun, but killing bad guys is!

Here is the rogue gallery, in order from the petty to the truly depraved:

  1. Moriarty, a credit card debt.
  2. Vader, a vehicle loan.
  3. Saruman, an unsecured line of credit (basically, a credit card without the plastic).
  4. Sylar, an enormous student loan.
Not included is our mortage. Already slain is Voldemort, which was the name both of a house we just couldn't get rid of and the mortgage attached to it. It finally sold early this year, but at a price less than what we bought it for, which made it a painful demon to slay.

Stay tuned for a chronicle of our battles with these villains!

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