Comments to my posts on The Baby Borrowers

Posted by Ginkgo100 | 7:54 AM

The Baby Kidnappers

Just for the record, in response to the sundry comments that have popped up lately:
  • I am not for teen pregnancy.
  • I care very much about teens and "the future of this country." I also care very much about babies.
  • I never said anything about day care being harmful to children, and I am bewildered that anyone thought I did.
  • I never said that I oppose "using kids" on TV.
  • Obviously the babies are more or less safe, thanks to the show's precautions, but that doesn't make them any less scared, sad, or emotionally hurt. In other words, the adults know they are safe, but the babies don't!
If you want to know why I am so cranky about The Baby Borrowers, read about what I think is wrong with it. And please do actually read it before you accuse me of being ignorant, stupid, or closed-minded.

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